When a much-loved pet leaves us

Cody’s Forever-Munster on the South Coast

Cody was more than just a pet. He was a crab-hunting, fishing, digging, sometimes grumpy, cockroach-chasing therapy dog. He loved walks and car rides and going to the therapy room with me. Especially kids. He loved sitting with kids in that room, even though he hated ‘other’ people. He didn’t like cuddles, except in the therapy room. If you were lucky enough to know Cody, then you would know!

Cody came into our lives in a strange way. I was referred to a breeder in Empangeni and booked a little boy even before he was born. I ‘met’ him when he was 7 days old and fell in love immediately. Couldn’t wait to bring him home. The breeder turned out to be not so ethical and ‘had to go on holiday’ in December. I could not leave him without proper care and we took him at 4 weeks old. He survived those early days, knowing only me as his mother. We were inseparable.

Cody at 7 days old.

Cody was a little ‘different’ to other dogs. He ‘spoke’ to us, and we knew the “I want to be picked up” whaff, was different to the “come, let’s go outside” grunt. He only ate certain shaped kibble, and approached our bed from one side only . He actually didn’t know he was a dog. He knew “come, let’s go” or “Kom ons gaan ry” meant going on a ride and would run to the door.

Kom ons gaan ry!

And then we got a holiday home in Munster on the South Coast. He loved that place. Mornings would start with a walk to do all the early ablutions and after breakfast, a walk on the beach where the pesky crabs waited. Oh, he knew an abandoned crab-hole from an inhabited one. The best fun was to dig even though he knew a bath would follow and he hated that!

On the day we took him to the vet, before we knew how sick he was, he didn’t even know he where he was when he suddenly realised he was in the car and stuck his head out the window for the last time. I knew then. And when they brought him back from the vet, he lifted his head when he got to the pond as if to say “I knew you wouldn’t leave me there”.

Cody, you changed my life and I will never forget you. It is nearly my birthday and I remember how you used to love opening presents. I miss you!!!


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